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Kushiro, Hokkaido is blessed with vibrant nature and an abundance of wildlife from its two major national parks: Kushiro Shitsugen and Akan-Mashu. Visitors can experience the harmonious co-existence of urban life, great nature, and Ainu culture, from rare animal and plant species including the tancho crane and marimo of Lake Akan to the many opportunities to interact with Japan's largest Ainu kotan (village.) As Hokkaido’s fourth largest city, Kushiro is a tourist hub, and is readily accessible from Tokyo via Haneda Airport to Tancho Kushiro Airport in just 90 minutes, or by train from Sapporo in four hours.

Sapporo Grand Hotel is very conveniently located in the center of Sapporo.
Since opening its doors as Hokkaido's first genuine Western style hotel in December 1934, the Sapporo Grand Hotel has remained committed to greeting its guests with its "Hospitality First" policy.
For business or pleasure, the Sapporo Grand Hotel offers a wide range of accommodations that are designed to make your stay pleasant, ranging from a casual and relaxing room to a first class suite.

Yamagata is located in the northeastern region of mainland Japan, along the Japan Sea, and it can be reached in as little as one hour by plane and two and a half hours on the bullet train from Tokyo. Yamagata is overflowing with rich nature. Yamagata has beautiful scenery that changes with every season, a profound culture and history, relaxing hot springs, unique festivals, and so much more.

There are hot springs in every city, town, and village in Yamagata with a variety of water colors, textures, and uses. Each hot spring has its own atmosphere that reflects the region and welcomes visitors from all over the world.

Yamagata also has countless different types of delicious food to offer throughout the year. Yamagata is famous for its cherries, and produces the most amount of cherries out of all prefectures in Japan. Yonezawa beef is an absolute must-try when you come to Yamagata as well as sake from more than 50 local companies.

Yamagata is blessed with beautiful, rich nature, gastronomy and sake, which makes the local people of Yamagata kind-spirited and brimming with hospitality. Please come and experience Yamagata for yourself!

Chiba—the home of Narita International Airport—is conveniently located next to Tokyo on a peninsula along Japan’s Pacific coast, offering both idyllic natural scenery and numerous easily accessible destinations to add to your next Japan trip itinerary. Explore the rich nature, historic districts, and charming seaside towns found here near Tokyo. Experience Japanese food culture and enjoy fresh seafood too, as Chiba’s mild climate and unique geography make it a hub of agriculture and fishing.

Visit Chiba is the official tourism information website of Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau makes use of the wealth of resources of the City of Yokohama and promotes the region as an ideal destination for both tourists and international conventions.

Welcome to Tokyo's Hotel in the Clouds! Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is a luxury hotel and a unique venue where you will be surprised with the environment and rich history in the middle of bustling metropolitan Tokyo.

Once a guest house of politician Yamagata Aritomo, the property was inherited to businessman Fujita Heitaro and then to Ogawa Eiichi. Garden Restaurant Chinzanso was opened to the public in 1952, developed and rebranded to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

Today, you can find 267 guest rooms, 9 dining facilities, 38 multi-function venues and a unique Japanese Garden.

The guest rooms start from a 45sqm Prime Superior Room, and a collection of Suites of different sizes.

The 9 dining facilities serve Japanese and Western Cuisine. Experience Stone-grilled Cuisine Mokushundo, which serves grilled cuisine on lava rocks of Mt Fuji.

The small to large multi-function rooms welcome weddings, business meetings, gala dinners, events and exhibitions of different sizes and purposes.

You can also use Serenity Garden or terraces for cocktail parties or team building events.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo will be celebrating the 70th anniversary in business and we would like to invite everyone back with Tokyo Sea of Clouds and 1000 lights.

Ishikawa Prefecture is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan, and its capital is Kanazawa. It is located in the middle of Honshu, the main island of Japan, on the Sea of Japan side.

In Ishikawa, you will find everything you expect from a trip to Japan, from cultural heritage passed down from the samurai era to cutting-edge modern art, abundant nature of sea and mountains, and the best of Japanese cuisine with its blessings.

Ishikawa is also conveniently accessible, and it is located between Tokyo and Kyoto. Kanazawa Station, the main gateway, is accessible from Tokyo in about 2.5 hours by Shinkansen bullet train, and from Kyoto in 2 hours by limited express train.

If you are looking not only to visit famous tourist spots, but also to experience Japanese culture in a relaxed atmosphere and feel the freshness of encountering different cultures, we believe Ishikawa is the perfect destination for you.

The Nagano Tourism Organization is a local tourism board which promotes Nagano Prefecture in Japan as a tourist destination.
Nagano Prefecture is located in the center of Japan, not far from major cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Surrounded by the three ranges of the Japanese Alps, it is nicknamed the “Roof of Japan”.
In 1998, Nagano hosted the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and many of the snow resorts featured in the games, namely the Hakuba Valley, Shiga Kogen and Nozawa Onsen, continue to attract winter sports enthusiasts every year.
The mountains of Nagano are home not only to ski resorts and national parks, but important historical and cultural sites as well. You’ll find Matsumoto Castle, one of the oldest remaining castles in Japan; Zenkoji Temple, a center of Buddhist faith with over 1,400 years of history; and the post-towns of the Nakasendo, ancient towns once traveled by merchants and samurai.
What are you waiting for? Climb the Japanese Alps. Soak in hot springs. Frolic with the Snow Monkeys. Slurp Soba Noodles. Slip back in time to the Feudal Past. All that and more awaits you in Nagano!

Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture flourished as a castle town, and even now old streets like Nakamachi-dori and Nawate-dori remain around Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure.
Matsumoto Castle is one of five castles designated as ‘National Treasures of Japan’ and the oldest five-tiered, six-story castle tower remaining in Japan.
To the west are the majestic Japanese Alps with Kamikochi and Norikura Highlands in the Chubu-Sangaku National Park, and to the east lays Utsukushigahara Highlands, the largest highlands area in Japan, leaving the city surrounded by an abundance of nature.
Whether it’s Matsumoto Castle’s Cherry Blossom Festival and Norikura’s walls of snow in spring, Kamikochi and Utuskushigahara in their prime in summer, Norikura Highlands beautiful changing leaves in fall, or playing in the snow, hot springs, and Matsumoto Castle’s illumination in winter, there’s an abundance of things to enjoy all-year-round.
Matsumoto City is situated in approximately the center of Japan, and being two and a half hours from Tokyo by train or two hours from Nagoya, it has excellent accessibility.

Gifu Prefecture is “the source of abundant nature; where tradition, culture, master craftsmanship that have been passed down from predecessors live and breathe”. Its strength is in its fitting compliance with the SDGs“sustainable” ideology, and is a travel destination where thriving “sustainable tourism” can be experienced.

Through the award system by Green Destinations, an internationally accredited organisation for sustainable tourism, Shirakawa Village (Shirakawa-go) in 2020, and the Nagaragawa (or Nagara) River Basin in 2021 have both been selected as part of the World’s 100 Most Sustainable Tourism Destinations (TOP 100). From here you can also experience “nature”, “traditional culture”, “master craftsmanship” and more at Gifu Prefecture, where tourism destinations have made the most of their plentiful resources.

Ise Japan. The blessings of Ise.
Visit Ise and experience the blessings of our local nature, cultural heritage and wonderful hospitality.

Located in the heart of Toba City, Mikimoto Pearl Island is the birthplace of the world's first cultured pearl. The local ama played a vital role in Mikimoto's early pearl cultivation, and guests can see demonstrations every hour showing how the female free divers worked. Also on the island, the Pearl Museum is home to a vast collection of antique pearl jewelry, including stunning examples of the higher-quality cultured Mikimoto pearls. Several large-scale pearl objects and wearable pieces on display showcase the cultured pearl's quality and beauty. In the Kokichi Mikimoto Memorial Hall, guests can learn about the man behind the global pearl industry, his failures and successes, and what motivated him to change the jewelry world. The internationally recognized Mikimoto pearl jewelry is available in the Mikimoto shop along with Mikimoto Cosmetics, helping achieve a zero-emission goal for pearl production by using minerals and nutrients from pearl oysters.

A long time ago, an era of mythology. The island, that triggered the birth of ancient Japan. The swirling tide of the ocean. An old castle floating in the sea of clouds. Mystical waterfall. A monk who reads sutras at a temple. Shining Buddhism. The shrine maiden dances. Time goes by. What is invisible is worth the most. Hyogo, the Spiritual region in Japan.

Wakayama is a part of Kansai region and near Kyoto and Osaka. You can get to Wakayama from Kansai International Airport (KIX) for 50 minutes by bus.

Wakayama has been internationally recognized as one of the best destinations on earth. Lonely Planet selected the Kii-Peninsula as the 5th ranking region in the world for its Best in Travel 2018. Wakayama has been listed on the Michelin green guide as three stars, and has the honor to be voted as the sustainability destination winner in "Best in Travel 2021” of Lonely Planet’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Wakayama has a variety of amazing sightseeing spots to offer a unique experience, such as KUMANO KODO pilgrimage trails that consist of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, a small temple town on a basin surrounded by mountains at an altitude of about 1,000 m called Koyasan, places for nature wonders, rejuvenating hot springs, and mouthwatering local delicacies because Wakayama faces the Pacific Ocean and is mostly occupied by mysterious forests.

Welcome to Nachi-Katsuura Town!

As the Nachi-Katsuura Town Tourism Organization, we would like to introduce our town.

Nachi-Katsuura is a small town located on the southeast coast of the Kii Peninsula, Wakayama Prefecture. Our town is famous for its hot springs, tuna port and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Nachi-Katsuura’s most renowned hot spring, Bokido Onsen, is an outdoor spring inside a nature cave, located in the Hotel Urashima. This unique placement allows you to enjoy the outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean as they soak in the thermal waters.

Ranked first in Japan for its tuna catches, the fresh tuna caught in the Nachi-Katsuura waters are dubbed as the ‘rice cake’ or ‘mochi’ tuna by the locals for its unique flavour and springy texture which melts in your mouth.

Nachi-Katsuura is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine and Nachi Falls, Japan’s tallest waterfall with a drop of 133 meters! You can enjoy hiking the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail from the mystical Daimonzaka Slope to the majestic Nachi Falls.

Our town itself emanates nostalgic vibes giving the visitors a homey and cozy feeling. Replenish your body and soul in Nachi-Katsuura!

A Collection of Beautiful JAPAN
A natural balance of Japan's four seasons and the precious culture form which it was born.
Having gathered the charm and beauty of Japan, this is what the Agora Hotel Alliance is about.
Assuring you the best quality and a most memorable stay with Agora's full array of Japanese hospitality.
From all members of the Agora Hotel Alliance, we welcome you to our beautiful JAPAN!
We have 11 hotels all over Japan. (The latest one in Tokyo will open on Oct. 1st.)
4 in Tokyo, 1 in Shizuoka, 2 in Kyoto, 3 in Osaka, and 1 in Fukuoka, including Onsen Ryokan style in Shizuoka, 3 "Satei" brands in Tokyo and Kyoto.
We do MICE, Education, FIT, Group, and any type of guest!

Our Campany is operating 6 businesses, such as railway operations, mainly in Osaka, Kyoto&Kobe cities. This time around, we would to introduce a sightseeing train of Hankyu railway, “Kyo-train Garaku”. they can be chartered.

You have probably heard of the Atomic Bomb Dome and Itsukushima Shrine.Two of these World Heritage sites are located in Hiroshima.
The Shimanami Kaido, selected as one of the world's seven great cycle roads, is a cyclist's dream destination. It is an exhilarating ride along the sea, crossing several bridges while enjoying the view of the islands.
Oysters are the first specialty of Hiroshima. It produces the largest amount of oysters in Japan. It is also famous for sake. Saijo is one of the three major sake breweries in Japan. Please enjoy Hiroshima's unique sake along with Fushimi and Nada.

Hiroshima Tourism Association is engaged in activities such as the development of hospitality and tourism promotion, with the aim of making Hiroshima Prefecture an area with diverse and world-class tourism resources, chosen by many people in Japan and abroad, a tourist destination that is visited again and again, and a place where the tourism industry can grow.

San`in Tourism Organization is a joint public organization by Tottori and Shimane prefectures that aims to conduct regional revitalization through establishment of the San`in tourism industry.
San`in region, consisting of Tottori and Shimane prefectures, is located on the western side of Honshu, facing the Sea of Japan on the north side of the Chugoku Mountain range.
The history, culture, lifestyle, and unspoilt natural scenery in San`in all connect to the roots of Japan. Many of the quintessential parts of Japanese culture find their origins here. Locations throughout the region have strong connections to Japanese mythology.
To create the new services for foreign visitors, our organization has issued the new project of digital MaaS app DAJP. DAJP (Discover Another Japan Pass) is a digital app that included attractions pass, transportation pass, coupons, map. It is a convenient app for international visitors to get unlimited admission to major tourist attractions in the Chugoku and Kansai regions by purchasing Discover Another Japan attractions pass.

Just a 3-minute walk from Uno Port—gateway to the Setouchi islands like Naoshima, the “art island”, UNO HOTEL is the perfect hub for your island-hopping adventure. At Setouchi Restaurant BLUNO, exquisite dishes are prepared using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. Cruise the peaceful waters of the Seto Inland Sea on our private yacht and unwind at our traditional hot spring spa, Setouchi Onsen Tamanoyu.

Kochi Prefecture is located on the southern part of Shikoku Island, one of the Japan’s 4 main island. Of the four prefectures on Shikoku, best known for its long 88 temple pilgrimage, Kochi may well take the cake for sheer diversity and tranquility in one region – from mountains to rivers and the ocean. Kochi boasts mild climate throughout the year, beautiful untouched nature and unique culture derived from it as it has been isolated by the ocean and rugged mountains.
It can be easily accessed from Tokyo or Osaka by air, or rapid train via Okayama. Come and find out more of this Japan’s best kept secret! 
Find more on:

The SHIMANAMI KAIDO cycling road is a 70-km bicycle route between Onomichi City and Imabari City, designated as a national cycling route which showcases Japan. Six bridges connect the islands in the Seto Inland Sea, attracting cyclists from all over the world and allowing them to enjoy the magnificent scenery along the route. The area is filled with beautiful scenery woven by the natural beauty of the islands and the structural beauty of the bridges which link them. Visitors can savour delicious local cuisine made from each islands' unique produce, and indulge in the rich culture of the region.

“SHIMANAMI JAPAN” is a DMO, involved in a wide range of efforts to promote the SHIMANAMI KAIDO to the world. We also operate 10 bicycle rental shops along the route to facilitate cycling in the area. Take in the sights and feel the gentle ocean breeze; cycling is one of the best and most relaxing activities to enjoy in this area. Hidden treasures await you in SHIMANAMI!

Kitakyushu City is situated in the northern area of Fukuoka prefecture, on the northernmost tip of Kyushu Island.
There are numerous must-see spots in our city: Kokura Castle, established in 1602; Kawachi Wisteria Garden, chosen as one of “Japan’s 31 Most Beautiful Places” by CNN America; Hiraodai Limestone Plateau, designated as a quasi-national park and a natural monument; Mojiko Port along the Kanmon Strait; and Mt. Sarakura, with a panoramic 200 degree-plus night view.
Surrounded by water on three sides, Kitakyushu serves a wide selection of seafood such as oysters, pufferfish, and crabs. People come from around the world just to sample sushi called “Kyushu-mae” that can only be tasted in Kitakyushu.

Miyazaki Prefecture is blessed with beautiful oceans, lush mountains. People have passed down through the ages a wonderful traditional culture and a great repertoire of food.
Let a trip to Miyazaki nourish your body, heart, and mind.

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) is a general incorporated foundation that was initiated in April, 1996. It is the only “unified public and private sector” promotional body in Okinawa that integrates tourism and convention needs while aiming at rebuilding a strong and efficient system to promote tourism in Okinawa. In order to fulfill the varying travel preferences of the Japanese people and to respond to the fierce market competition with the leading tourist destinations in Japan and abroad, since its inception, OCVB has been contributing to further revitalizing new tourist and resort industries by deploying businesses to attract and advertise Okinawa in Japan and abroad, promoting to streamline the system to welcome visitors, educating human resources for resort related industries, and by hosting various events.